. NORA - Montecani Good As Gold del Mavaya

Nora is a White & Orange Italian Spinone bitch, born on the 26th February 2011
She was bred by Tracy Davies in Hertfordshire

Her Kennel Club Name is

Montecani Good As Gold del Mavaya

Sire: Hardi Noroy Du Plessy at Montecani (Import Belgium)
Dam: Show Champion Montecani Uma

So, who was it that said you can never stop at one Spinone? How right they were! Spinone number 3 has entered the building! This pup has been in my game plan for ages - in fact, I believe I put my name on the list over a year in advance. Being updated with numerous photos from Tracy over the days and weeks I thought I'd chosen my favourite but when I saw them in the flesh that all changed and Nora was the one.

Nora is just hilarious, she loves nothing more than nicking the inner cardboard tubes out of loo rolls from the bathroom bin and parading them around, so proud of herself! She's ever so sweet and loves her cuddles which she'll actively seek out wherever she goes. Many a person has ended up with Nora's paws on their shoulders, whether they want them there or not! She certainly lives up to her kennel name as she certainly is as Good As Gold, one of those dogs that is as soppy as you like and never does anything wrong, she's a complete pleasure to own, love her to bits!

Her puppy show career surpassed all my expectations with numerous Best Puppy awards to her name and a real day to remember when she won a large W&O Puppy Bitch class, Best Puppy Bitch & then went on to Res Best Puppy In Show in fantastic company under renowned Italian Breed Specialist judge Roberto Amadori at the Spinone Club show in October 2011. Other highlights include her winning a strong Junior class at Bath Championship Show under Breed Specialist Gael Stenton & then just a week later winning her Junior class again at Southern Counties Championship show under Italian Breed Specialist Maria Grazia Poli. A few months later she went on to win her first Yearling class at Richmond Championship show under another well respected Breed specialist, Carolyn Fry.

Apart from showing she also partakes in weekly obedience classes. She reached the top class at just 14 months old, the youngest by quite a margin. She passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award at just 7 months old and then went on to pass her Silver at only 14 months of age. Pleased to report that she's now passed her Gold award at the first attempt, so proud of her, she's a star!



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